Tuesday, 20 September 2022
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What’s the community got to do with it? Maximising community engagement and involvement in integrated health systems responses to Neglected Tropical Diseases

Tue20  Sep11:30am(25 mins)
Virtual meeting
Keynote Speaker:
Dr Laura Dean


The integrated control and management of skin-related neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) is an increasing priority across many endemic settings. Central to integration efforts and the development of person-centred health systems is a focus on empowering people affected by skin NTDs to be active participants in health care design and delivery. However, best practices regarding the inclusion of affected communities within NTD integration efforts is seldom documented or explored. A key goal of the REDRESS programme in Liberia is to address this implementation gap. Through the use of participatory health research methodologies, we ensure that affected persons and other often unheard voices (e.g. traditional healers) have the opportunity for meaningful and equal participation within service design and delivery. Within this presentation, we draw on experiences from the inter-disciplinary development of an integrated case management strategy for NTDs in Liberia, to highlight best practices related to the engagement of affected persons. Specifically, we focus on the value of participatory health research methodologies in supporting equitable community engagement and ownership of progammes on the road to integration.

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