Tuesday, 20 September 2022


A ramadan adam1
1 Alain medical Center, Sudan


Greetings to co-workers, it is an honor for me to participate in this conference, and I hope that it will benefit me and you. Today, I want to raise a recurring phenomenon during our work in the tropics, since malaria is still considered by us as an endemic disease. With the symptoms of malaria, and actually after the examination, the presence of the disease (malaria) is proven, and then the symptoms develop until the symptoms of the covid appear and prove its presence, which increases the severity of the symptoms in the patient compared to other covid patients without (malaria), which prompted us to make this phenomenon into question and search for the relationship and the mechanism of infection Which links the two diseases, and if covid is a cause of malaria easily or vice versa.I think that it is a topic of research that we can get great results from if co-workers and researchers from different countries participate in it
Kindly regards
Alaa omer ramadan 
medical laboratory specialist

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