BSP Parasites Online 2021
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Scientist at play; artful science to explore Leishmania, sand flies and their gut microbiota.

Wed23  Jun03:00pm(30 mins)
Conference room 1
Keynote Speaker:
Dr Rod Dillon


The idea that Phlebotomine sand flies act as vectors for Leishmania that are transmitted to the mammal has been accepted for over 90 years.  We know that this triad of relationships is too simplistic to explain many of the transmission events. The concept that bacteria play a significant role in Leishmania establishment in the gut of the sand fly has come to the fore in the past 20 years. More recent research has uncovered  the important role for bacteria in Leishmania co-infection of the mammalian host.  The first part of my talk will focus on the role of bacterial species in the Leishmania-sandfly-mammalian network.  

The second part of my talk will introduce some of the arts/ public engagement projects that I have developed in parallel with my scientific research. These artistic projects are an essential part of my approach to working with parasites, insects and microbes. I will argue that the creative arts have helped me develop a ‘playful’ creative approach that benefited my science research. This also provided a bridge to engage the public and policy makers about the critical scientific issues facing us today. 

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