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Are Parasitic Diseases still a Continuing Health Problem in Gaza Strip, Palestine?

Fri25  Jun03:30pm(15 mins)
Conference room 1
Prof Adnan Alhindi


A Al-Hindi1
1 The Islamic University, Gaza, Palestinian Territory


According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 3.5 billion people worldwide continue to be affected by intestinal parasitic infections which to be one of the greatest health problems in the developing world.Most literature states thatIntestinal parasites and other parasitic diseases are endemic in the Gaza Strip for decades, despite the improvement in infrastructure as in other developing countries. Due to the many unfavourable health conditions in the Gaza Strip, these intestinal parasites continue to survive. There are many reports on parasitic diseases in the Gaza Strip, including the epidemiology of intestinal parasites, prevalence, diagnosis, the association between intestinal parasites and malnutrition and environmental contamination caused by these parasites, and sexually transmitted parasitic diseases such as Trichomonas vaginalis. This lecture aiming to  discusses infections with intestinal parasites and other parasitic diseases in the Gaza Strip, and its treatments in children and adults. The challenges encountered during diagnosis and the associated risk factors are also addressed, followed by some proposed solutions to decrease/minimize further increases in infections with intestinal parasites in the Gaza Strip.

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