BSP Parasites Online 2021
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Building gender equity from the bottom up: the rise and essence of parasitology communities

Tue22  Jun11:25am(25 mins)
Conference room 2
Keynote Speaker:
Dr Elena Gomez-Diaz


E Gómez-Díaz1
1 CSIC, Spain


Women scientists struggle and face many barriers, biases and stereotyping throughout their careers that undermine their career progression and success. These also apply to women in parasitology and global health-related fields including malaria, and are more severe in low and middle income countries. The lack of women leadership in malaria-related research, implementation and policy, threatens progress towards disease elimination. This talk focuses on how building communities of women represents an effective and efficient bottom-up approach to fight gender inequalities. The women in malaria community was created in 2018 to visibilize, empower, connect, and support (through training and mentoring) women scientists in the field. As a culmination of the rise and essence of WiM, the community came together for its first virtual conference this year with an all-women line up of organizers, presenters, and chairs. I will end up outlining what that conference achieved, and which are the future challenges of the WiM community.

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