Wednesday, 30 November 2022 to Thursday, 1 December 2022
Where: 13 [Show on Floor Plan]
MolGen is a global total solutions provider in DNA/RNA technology of hardware, reagents, consumables, software and service for human and animal diagnostics, the agriculture and biotech industries. MolGen challenges the status quo in Life Sciences with a high-tech automated workflow that is customizable to our customers’ specific needs.

At MolGen, we enable laboratories to scale-up their throughput by combining multiple systems into complete workflows that offer low, medium and/or high-throughput. We offer integrated state-of-the-art customizable solutions that automate the molecular pipeline, reduce laboratory handling time, and achieve high quality and reproducible results. Our systems and consumables are versatile, efficient, and universally applicable, making MolGen the perfect provider when optimizing a lab workflow or handling a sudden increase of demand. As an example of our high-throughput solutions, our customers have been using our automation line to scale up their COVID-19 test capacity and COVID-19 monitoring successfully.

With offices in The Netherlands, USA, UK and more to follow, we deliver service and support globally.
Tel: +31 (0)85 2007 431
Address: Traverse 2, 3905NL Veenedaa

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Niels Kruize

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