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Fusion Antibodies
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Established in 2001, Fusion Antibodies is a Collaborative Research Organisation (CRO) with its headquarters in Northern Ireland. We are world leaders in antibody development services specializing in the discovery, engineering and supply of pre-clinical biologics to clinical Cell Line Development.

We have guided hundreds of projects through critical pre-clinical stages, repeatedly proving our expertise as we strive to bring about a positive change in the healthcare industry.

Our approach to engineering and optimization is often to harness the power of the natural somatic hypermutation space. Fusion offers flexibility and agility while delivering clinical candidates focusing on developability, manufacturability and function.

Fusion has developed a number of unique, proprietary technology platforms. Our suite of development capabilities include:

Antibody humanization (CDRx™)
Affinity maturation (RAMP™)
Protein engineering
Discovery (mouse hybridoma and rabbit B cell approaches)
Protein production – CHO and other mammalian systems
Cell Line Development – cGMP ready mammalian cell lines (up to 8 g/L)
Expert scientific & technical advisory services
Bespoke & collaborative large-scale research and development programs
Tel: 02890432800
Address: 1 Springbank Road, Springbank Industrial Estate, Belfast

Staff Attending

Dr Adrian Kinkaid
Fusion Antibodies
Mr Ryan Tough
Distribution Manager
Fusion Antibodies

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