Protein Sciences in Drug Discovery 2022
Collaborative Drug Discovery
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Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD) provides Drug Discovery Informatics your whole project team will embrace. CDD Vault is a complete, hosted informatics platform for drug discovery with an intuitive web interface. It helps your project team manage, analyze, and present chemical structures and biological assay data. CDD Vault Intuitively organize chemical structures and biological study data for analysis and reporting and for further lead optimization. Also, it enables you to collaborate with internal or external partners in real time through an easy to use web interface. Benefits: Easy to use: Intuitive out of the box. Quick and easy registration of compounds and biodata Affordability: Hosted environment - a complete solution for drug discovery informatics at a small per user cost. No hardware or IT admin necessary Collaborative: Projects progress through the drug-discovery pipeline quicker - in your own lab or across the globe. Secure: CDD Vault provides a secure environment with access control down to the user or project level For more information please visit:
Tel: 01223 803830
Address: Collaborative Drug Discovery
Nine Hills Road
Cambridge, CB2 1JE
United Kingdom

Staff Attending

Ms Deborah Dawson
Sales Developer
CDD Vault
Miss Tamsin Lamont
Account Manager
Collaborative Drug Discovery
Dr Mariana Vaschetto
Collaborative Drug Discovery

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