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Flow Induced Dispersion Analysis (FIDA) is a revolutionary, first principle technology for in solution, accurate and reproducible measurement of hydrodynamic radius of biomolecules in complex matrices leading to a wide range of orthogonal biophysics assays.
It has been developed for quantification and characterization of proteins (including biologics) and particles up to 1.000 nm diameter, including complex interactions, stoichiometry, oligomeric states etc.
The FIDA technology is characterized by:
• Being fast (minutes)
• Requiring very small sample amounts (nl-μl)
• Being exceptionally tolerant to the sample matrix.
Contrary to most other procedures, the FIDA methodology is based on binding in homogenous solution; complications related to non-specific surface adsorption and challenging assay development is therefore avoided.
The unique features of FIDA enable characterization and quantification in native (biorelevant) environments. In-built assay quality control ensures high data reliability and walk-away automation sets free resources for other tasks.
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