Drug Discovery 2022: driving the next life science revolution
Where: LZ3 [Show on Floor Plan]
Hiring great people is key to building a great business. We help early stage Biotech companies to hire better people, more quickly, with greater confidence that they’re making the right decisions.

Your people are critical to your success - but the majority of companies report that they regularly struggle to fill their open positions.

Most organisations are trying to solve the wrong problem. Great recruitment is no longer about finding candidates, but about cutting through the noise to engage, attract and secure them.

Helping you to grow your business
For help to find talent, design your company structure and values or to update interview skills across your leadership book a call to discuss where to start. Book free advisory call https://news.singulartalent.io/advisory-call
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Staff Attending

Ms Rupa Grewal
Head of Marketing
Singular Talent

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