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PeproTech  part of Thermo Fisher Scientific
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PeproTech is a business unit within the Thermo Fisher Scientific Biosciences Division, specializing in manufacturing high quality cytokine products and providing exceptional service to the global life science and cell therapy markets. Our products include Recombinant Human, Murine and Rat Cytokines, Animal-Free Recombinant Cytokines, GMP Cytokines, Antibodies and ELISA Kits.

With over 2,000 products, PeproTech has developed and refined innovative protocols to ensure quality, reliability and consistency.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and premium support that address the needs and demands of today's scientists and researchers.
We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner within the scientific community.

Please contact PeproTech to request a quote or discuss your research requirements:

Tel: +44 20 7610 3062 or Email: info@peprotech.co.uk
Tel: 07833460655
Address: 29 Margravine Road,

Website: https://www.peprotech.com/gb/?cid=fl-peprotech
Email: pdesaram@peprotech.co.uk

Staff Attending

Dr Paul De Saram
Sales Account Manager
PeproTech part of Thermo Fisher Scientific
Mr Matthew Reynolds
Internal Sales Manager
PeproTech part of Thermo Fisher Scientific

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