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Navigate Precision Biology
Where: Innovation AveNEW 3 [Show on Floor Plan]
The NaviPlate technology is a new approach to complex biology enabling ultra-sensitive assays in a high-throughput 384-well setting. Navigate Precision Biology (NBP), currently based at the University of Dundee, is developing a range of NaviPlate-based assays. These assays include tumour spheroids, renal models (iPSC-derived and others) and expanding into other disease models. All assays are configured to require the minimum number of cells and extracellular matrix per data point. The NaviPlate design lends itself to multiple types of read-outs, dynamic and/or endpoint. Importantly, the transparent plate allows for a range of fluorescence-based assays to be performed in a high-throughput manner. In sum, NPB offerings combine optimal use of materials, robust data, and flexibility at scale.
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Address: WTB/MSI complex
Dow Street
Website: https://precision-biology.com
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