Drug Discovery 2022: driving the next life science revolution
Salve Therapeutics
Where: Innovation AveNEW 2 [Show on Floor Plan]
Salve Therapeutics is developing a bioengineering software platform called VirCAD© (Virus Computer-Aided Design) that will:

​1. Cost-effectively mine the human virome (and others) for new therapeutic modalities that will enable exploration of this therapeutic space.

​2. Discover novel drug candidates via the design, modeling and simulation of novel viral particles in silico.

​3. Manufacture better viral delivery methods that would expand the available viral biologic tool kit to produce better precision medicines.

​4. Help treat and potentially cure the many inherited and acquired genetic disorders afflicting humanity due to the therapeutic specificity, efficiency and customizability of viral biologics.
Tel: 6178944338
Address: 605 E Huntington Dr, Suite 103
Lab Launch
Monrovia, CA
Website: https://www.salvetx.com
Email: stefan.lukianov@salvetx.com

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