Drug Discovery 2022: driving the next life science revolution
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Life Science Marketing with AZoNetwork

AZoNetwork is the parent company of AZoLifeSciences, News-Medical, and the rest of our portfolio of 10 subject-specific platforms reaching scientists, engineers, and healthcare professionals. We share science with a global audience of over 100+ million annual unique visitors and 900,000+ subscribers.

Built on the 15-year pedigree of News-Medical, one of the world’s leading medical and life science news hubs, AZoLifeSciences continues to share the latest information in a coherent and user-friendly manner.

News-Medical and AZoLifeSciences create, curate, and distribute high-quality content to a dedicated readership comprised of academics, laboratory professionals, and BioTech specialists from around the globe.

“We love telling science, technology and medical stories to people who can make a difference. Everything else follows from that.”

We launched the AZoNetwork site in 2007 to tie together our expanding portfolio of sites, products, and services. The Marketing Science Webinar, Podcast, and Blog content created by our scientific marketing specialists aim to support and inspire our community of digital marketing professionals working in the scientific, engineering, and healthcare spaces.

The global life science industry market size was calculated at US $92.2 billion in 2020 and is estimated to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 11.9% from 2021 - 2028. The life science microscopy device markets stand to reach over US $1.5 billion by 2026.

The opportunities are clear. Getting your life science digital marketing and content strategies right is more important than ever.

AZoNetwork offers services to support your life sciences marketing strategy including content marketing, webinars, video, and much more with a focus on lead generation and brand awareness.

We help organizations to get their content in front of our highly engaged and extensive life science audience. A scientific approach to your marketing plan allows you to optimize your complete marketing cycle, ensuring the best content for your target audience is distributed across the most relevant channels.
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Staff Attending

Mr Dave Cockett
Web Services Manager
Miss Megan Davies
Digital Marketing Consultant
Mr Lee Pickering
Digital Account Manager
Mr Matthew Pullen
Digital Marketing Consultant

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