Drug Discovery 2022: driving the next life science revolution
Where: C2 [Show on Floor Plan]
HexagonFab is a biotechnology startup (founded in 2018) accelerating drug research and manufacturing with portable on-site biomolecule analysis tools.

Our mission is to simplify the analysis of proteins for pharma research and manufacturing. Current protein analysis instruments predominantly use optical technology and thus require sophisticated and bulky equipment that leads to high running costs and maintenance schedules. Our approach is based on an electric detection of molecules which enables a significantly simpler and 20x more affordable sensor and a reader device. HexagonFab headquarters are based in Cambridge (United Kingdom), but it also has operations in Z├╝rich (Switzerland).
Tel: 07510760832
Address: Bio-Innovation Centre
25 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road
Website: https://www.hexagonfab.com/
Email: sylwia@hexagonfab.com

Staff Attending

Dr Sylwia Mankowska
Head of Product
Dr Ruizhi Wang

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