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Caltag Medsystems Ltd
Where: E1 [Show on Floor Plan]
Caltag Medsystems supply research reagents for Cell Biology, Flow Cytometry, Immunology, and Neuroscience in a variety of formats including antibodies, proteins, ELISAs, cells and media. Plus a range of products suitable for use in In Vitro Diagnostic applications. Our product range includes over 200,000 high quality products at competitive prices. The Cell Culture section of the portfolio ranges from primary cells, stem cells, cell lines and media to skin, fresh animal brains, healthy & diseased products, angiogenesis models and transfection reagents. The Flow Cytometry range includes everything from FlowStainer, an automated, hands free sample preparation procedures for complex flow cytometry, to Euroflow validated reagents for immunophenotyping. Antibodies, isotype controls, and diagnostic kits are all included plus software for the data integration and multidimensional analysis of flow cytometry files. The Flow Cytometry portfolio includes an extensive number of cellular controls, such as stabilised human whole blood, CD4 low controls, fresh bone marrow, healthy & diseased cells and leukapheresis packs. The diverse portfolio of products available is a combination of products from a selection of premier suppliers plus our own, in house, manufactured products from the CellsDivision and Cytomark brands.
Tel: +44 (0)1280 827 460
Address: Caltag Medsystems Ltd
Whiteleaf Business Centre
11, Little Balmer
Website: http://www.caltagmedsystems.co.uk
Email: office@caltagmedsystems.co.uk

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Mrs Fiona Camidge
Sales and Accounts Manager
Caltag Medsystems Ltd
Mr James Thompson
Sales and Account Manger
Caltag Medsystems Ltd
Miss Irene Villares Ojea
Sales & Accounts Manager
Caltag Medsystems Ltd

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