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Cellbox Solutions
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Cellbox - a fully conditioned portable CO2 incubator for the transport of biological material under laboratory conditions.

Cellbox Solutions is a young technology company developing and marketing innovative logistics solutions for the BioMedTech, Pharmaceutical and Academic sectors.

Our flagship product, the Cellbox portable CO2 incubator, offers the unique opportunity to incubate and cultivate cells during transport - saving time & effort - while maintaining high cell viability and improving the outcome of downstream applications and assays.

Already equipped with a range of state-of-the-art sensors, that regulate and subsequently logs the internal temperature and CO2 during the shipment, Cellbox Solutions launched the Cellbox 2.0 with following in features:

- Longer runtime
- Cellbox devices with newly optimised software & tracking features
- Security First - Updated software compliant with CFR21 Part 11
- New sensors

In addition complete packaging solutions that will protect your valuable biological material are offered.

Whether the intended transport is by air, sea, road or rail, the Cellbox 2.0 is the perfect solution for secure and reliable shipping

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Tel: +49 40 226316410
Address: An der Bahn 5
22844 Norderstedt
Website: https://cellbox-solutions.com/products
Email: contact@cellbox-solutions.com

Staff Attending

Mr Pirmin Fuchs
Marketing Manager
Cellbox Solutions
Mr Simon Myrbäck
Business Development Manager
Cellbox Solutions GmbH

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