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Synthego is a leading provider of genome engineering solutions. Our automated, full-stack genome engineering platform enables broader access to CRISPR to accelerate basic scientific discovery, uncover cures for diseases and develop novel synthetic biology applications. Synthego’s Engineered Cell products include Knockout Cell Pools and Clones for any target gene of interest, which are available in more than 700 human cell lines. We are the first and only provider who guarantees success for our engineered cell products which in a cell pool means a knockout of 50% or better. Engineered Cells also includes an Advanced Cells category, which provides access to sophisticated project-based knock-outs and knock-ins in human cell lines and primary cells as well as some other mammalian cell lines. Synthego’s CRISPRevolution is the first product line to offer economical access to fully synthetic RNA for high fidelity editing and increased precision in genome engineering. To complete the portfolio Synthego developed the Multiguide concept which is also utilized in our arrayed CRISPR libraries for reliable functional knock-outs in combination with less off-targets. These libraries include the whole human genome, druggable, GPCRs, kinases, and immuno-oncology targets, among others. Recently Synthego added precision CRISPR editing of induced pluripotent stem cells, including knockouts, SNVs, and tags as well as the production of customized GMP-grade synthetic guide RNA (sgRNA) used for gene-editing, extending the company's ability to support the full spectrum of R&D in the next generation of cell and gene therapies.
Tel: 4084553683
Address: 3696 Haven Ave, Suite A
Redwood City, CA 94063
United States
Website: http://www.synthego.com
Email: sales@synthego.com

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