Drug Discovery 2022: driving the next life science revolution
ApconiX Limited
Where: A6 [Show on Floor Plan]
ApconiX is a team of world-renowned nonclinical safety experts with over 500 years of drug discovery and development expertise. We will work with you to provide the advice you need, at the right time to make better decisions on drug safety, from project initiation through to worldwide marketing approval.

ApconiX has a team of experienced scientists covering all major safety disciplines, our own ion channel laboratory and a commitment to advancing the science of drug safety.
Tel: +447826185342
Address: Mereside,
Alderley Park,
Alderley Edge,
Website: https://www.apconix.com/
Email: laurence.bishop@apconix.com

Staff Attending

Dr Laurence Bishop
Head of Business Development
ApconiX Limited
Dr Nicholas Coltman
Principal Scientist
ApconiX Limited
Dr Michael Morton
ApconiX Limited

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