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Tecan UK Ltd
Where: B7/B8/B11/B12 [Show on Floor Plan]
Tecan is a leading provider of laboratory instruments and solutions in biopharmaceuticals, forensics and clinical diagnostics. The Company specializes in the development, production and distribution of automated workflow solutions for the life sciences sector.
Tel: +44 118 930 0300
Fax: +44 118 930 5671
Address: Theale Court
High Street
Website: http://www.tecan.com
Email: tecanuk@tecan.com

Staff Attending

Mr Matt Botterman
UK Sales Manager
Tecan UK Ltd
Mr Arian Cannea
Sales Executive
Tecan UK Ltd
Mrs Alettia Elwin
Technical Sales Specialist
Tecan UK Ltd
Mrs Diane Garvey
Operations Manager
Tecan UK Ltd
Mr Shane Gresham
Field Service Engineer
Tecan UK Ltd
Mr Paul Hulme
Sales - Genomics
Tecan UK Ltd
Mr Frank Maddison
Tecan UK Ltd
Mrs Claire Mottershead
Senior Sales Specialist, Detection
Tecan UK Ltd
Mr Paul Noble
Commercial Service Manager, Europe
Tecan UK Ltd
Mr Jack Palmer
Field Application Specialist
Tecan UK Ltd