Drug Discovery 2022: driving the next life science revolution
Nexcelom from PerkinElmer
Where: D7/D8 [Show on Floor Plan]
Founded in 2003, Nexcelom Bioscience focuses on providing laboratory solutions to meet and exceed the specific wants and needs of today’s researchers. We collaborate with customers every day, analyzing new cell types, validating new cell-based assays, and exploring new therapeutic areas and methodologies. Through joint application development, we learn from our customers, the experts in their fields, and assist with integration into their current workflows. Products range from cell viability counters to high-throughput automated image cytometry workstations for cell quantification, analysis, and cell-based assays, used globally in academic and government research institutes, biotechnology, and industrial settings. Cellometer®, Cellaca™ MX, and Celigo® image cytometry products have been widely used in new drug development, immunotherapy, vaccine development, drug evaluation, brewery, and bioenergy process development. Nexcelom's solutions automate time-consuming procedures, enabling scientists to focus less on the process and more on the research results.
Tel: 617-320-1438
Address: 360 Merrimack Street
Lawrence, MA
Website: http://www.nexcelom.com
Email: sales@nexcelom.co.uk

Presentations at Drug Discovery 2022: driving the next life science revolution

Staff Attending

Dr Louise Affleck
DD Reagents Accounts Manager
Nexcelom from PerkinElmer
Miss Kerry Chapman
Account Manager, UK South, Reagents
Nexcelom from PerkinElmer
Mrs Kathryn Cook
Product Marketing Manager
Nexcelom from PerkinElmer
Mr Kris Coupland
Manager, Sales
Nexcelom from PerkinElmer
Dr Scott Cribbes
EMEAI Business Development Director
Nexcelom Bioscience Ltd
Mrs kate harper
HCS Specialist
Nexcelom from PerkinElmer
Ms Michelle Irving
Global Sr. Event Manager
Nexcelom from PerkinElmer
Ms Suzanne Riches
Sr. Product Specialist
Nexcelom from PerkinElmer
Mr Peter Strapps
Senior Account Manager
Nexcelom from PerkinElmer

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