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Drug Discovery World (DDW)
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Drug Discovery World (DDW) is the leading print and online media brand for the global drug discovery industry. From research stage to clinical trials DDW covers the scientific and commercial process involved in getting a drug to market–research, target identification and validation, drug molecule identification, lead molecule optimisation, pre-clinical research, clinical trial authorisation and application, and clinical trials phase I and II.

DDW is available to registered members free of charge, and includes a quarterly printed publication, website and app containing original and trusted content as well as premium hand-picked intelligence for anyone involved in drug discovery and development. Readers can also sign up for our free weekly e-newsletter.

From bench through to boardroom DDW offers commercial insight for researchers, scientists and decision-makers involved in drug discovery and development. We cover the latest news and events in the global pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and biotech sectors, as well as the technology and processes to help create vaccines, therapeutics and drugs. Established for over twenty years, DDW is a highly respected journal and its approach is popularly known by readers as 'turning science into business'.

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Tel: + 44 (0) 203 840 4720
Address: Edify Digital Media Ltd
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Website: https://www.ddw-online.com

Staff Attending

Mrs Sarah Orme
Sales Director
Drug Discovery World (DDW)
Miss Maria Wallace
Publishing Director
Drug Discovery World (DDW)

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