Cell & Gene Therapy 2021
Where: 14
CYTENA is a leading provider of high-precision instruments for isolating, dispensing, imaging, analyzing and handling biological cells, and continues to build on the success of the single-cell dispensing technology the company patented as a spin-off from the University of Freiburg, Germany, in 2014. Today, as part of BICO, the world’s leading bioconvergence company, CYTENA’s award-winning devices are still manufactured in Germany and used at prestigious academic and pharmaceutical labs around the world to automate workflows in numerous application areas, including stable cell line development, single-cell omics, high-throughput screening and drug discovery. CYTENA’s breakthrough innovations for the lab combine advanced automation, state-of-the-art software engineering and the latest insights in cell biology to maximize efficiencies in the life sciences and create the future of health. Learn more at cytena.com.
Tel: +49 761 21632000
Address: Zollhallenstrasse 5
Website: https://www.cellink.com/global/applications/
Email: info@cytena.com

Staff Attending

Miss Desislava Chukarska
Marketing Events Coordinator
Mrs Alexander Jurkowitsch
Sales Executive
Miss Anna Oschowitzer
Field Application Specialist
Mr Daniel Raybould
UK Sales Consultant - OMICS
Dr David Rodarie
Sales Executive Biosciences
Dr Elly Sinkala
Senior Application Scientist