Cell & Gene Therapy 2021
10x Genomics
Where: 06
Partnering to Accelerate Drug Discovery with 10x Genomics

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are harnessing the power of 10x Genomics’ suite of solutions to identify and sustain a pipeline of novel targets and accelerate key assets through the development pipeline. These cutting edge technologies play an integral role in biomarker discovery, resolve complex therapeutic mechanism(s) of action and further our understanding of how therapies can be deployed to minimize resistance and separate responders versus non-responders.

Complementary to single cell approaches 10x Genomics Visium Spatial Solutions are enabling clinical researchers to map the whole transcriptome with morphological context to discover novel insights into normal development, disease pathology, and clinical translational research.

The Top twenty pharmaceutical companies have integrated single cell platforms into their drug discovery and development process to advance their promising assets with higher confidence. Incorporating these cost-effective and innovative technologies will mean a faster path to identifying the right targets.

This is the Century of Biology. Breakthroughs in the coming decades will transform the world. We accelerate this progress by powering fundamental research across the life sciences, including oncology, immunology, and neuroscience.

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Presentations at Cell & Gene Therapy 2021

Staff Attending

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Marketing & Event Manager
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team manager
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Strategic Account Manager
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Strategic Account Manager EMEA
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Strategic Account Manager EMEA
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Regional Marketing Manager
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Sales Executive
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