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A Q1-ranked journal, Virulence is an international peer-reviewed journal with a specific focus on microbial pathogenicity, the infection process, and host-pathogen interactions, including the interaction between host and environment. Virulence is officially affiliated with the American Society for Virology.

To address new infectious challenges, emerging infectious agents and antimicrobial resistance, there is a clear need for interdisciplinary research. As a multidisciplinary journal, Virulence brings together scientists and clinical researchers working on the 'pathogen,' the 'host' or the 'antimicrobial agents.' It is particularly interested in infection models and actual infections, in the mechanisms, severity and attenuation of infection.

Virulence is interested in receiving manuscripts on:

- Microbial pathogenicity–viruses (including HIV), bacteria, fungi, and parasites
- Molecular and biological function of established and novel virulence factors
- Identification, development and study of antimicrobial agents
- Host-pathogen and pathogen-pathogen interactions
- Host response to infection and immune responses to inhibitors, toxins, and other virulence factors
- Mammalian, other vertebrate as well as invertebrate model organisms and hosts
- Clinical trials evaluating all aspects of the infection process
- Microbiome
- Research on bio-terrorism agents
- Vaccine development and evaluation
- Diagnosis of infectious diseases
- Infections in resource-limited settings
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Address: Taylor & Francis
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