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Press Release from LifeNet Health LifeSciences


LifeNet Health launches newly expanded LifeSciences division with innovative solutions for researchers

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (Jan. 13, 2021) — LifeNet Health announced today the launch of their newly expanded LifeSciences division which is offering human cell- and tissue-based research solutions through a new website, LNHLifeSciences.org.

LifeNet Health has industry-leading recovery, handling and preservation protocols — assuring tissue integrity and quality are sustained throughout the entire process. The organization offers expertise with the recovery of an extensive range of healthy and diseased human biospecimens which are preserved to meet the customized needs of each researcher.

The scientific community can now view the portfolio, explore informative resources such as publications, product information, and webinars, as well as request a quote at LNHLifeSciences.org.

“We are offering something new to researchers as the only fully vertically integrated provider of human-derived cells, models and biospecimens for scientific discovery,” said Louis Dias, Vice President and General Manager of LifeNet Health LifeSciences. “We are able to provide human cell-based research solutions with controlled variables from beginning to end.”

LifeNet Health LifeSciences applies precise control to allow human primary liver cells to be carefully curated and fully individuated with extensive characterization. All cells are meticulously documented with up to 337 data points recorded throughout the process — ensuring highly annotated cells that closely parallel in vivo conditions.

Researchers have access to LifeNet Health’s scientists for peer-to-peer consultation to assist with selecting specific cells that will most closely match each individual’s needs. LifeNet Health’s available inventory includes more than 200 lots of primary human liver cells, including hepatocytes, stellate, Kupffer and endothelial cells, from both healthy and diseased tissue. Each lot is accompanied by a comprehensive certificate of analysis, including histopathology assessment by a board-certified

“The data obtained by using these human-based tools will provide crucial information to better guide drug development,” said Rony Thomas, LifeNet Health President and CEO. “Using the technologies and expertise we have developed in biologics; we are empowering the life sciences industry by improving the predictive power of research for the development of the most efficacious and safest therapies.”

About LifeNet Health
LifeNet Health helps save lives, restore health, and give hope to thousands each year. It is the world's most trusted provider of transplant solutions — from organ procurement to bio-implants and cellular therapies — and a leader in regenerative medicine, while always honoring the donors and healthcare professionals who enable healing. For more information about LifeNet Health, go to

Posted: 6-Oct-2021

LifeNet Health LifeSciences
United States
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