Friday, 31 March 2023 to Sunday, 2 April 2023

Dr Lynne Hartnett

Dr Lynne Hartnett
Dr Lynne Hartnett
Associate Professor of History
Villanova University
Delegate / Speaker


Profile of Dr Lynne Hartnett

Historian of 19th and 20th century Russia. My current project is a study of Russian revolutionary émigrés in London and the social and cultural networks they formed during the period 1881-1918. My first book was The Defiant Life of Vera Figner: Surviving the Russian Revolution. I wrote and filmed two video courses for The Great Courses/Wondrium. The first was Understanding Russia: A Cultural History and the second was The Great Revolutions of Modern History


Dr Boris Briker
Teaching Professor
Villanova University
United States


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