Monday, 4 July 2022 to Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Dr David House

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Dr David House
Head, Chemical Biology, GSK
Delegate / Speaker

Presentations at New Modalities in Pharmacology and Drug Discovery 2022

Profile of Dr David House

Dr David House, Head of Chemical Biology & Crick-GSK LinkLabs, GSK Stevenage David completed his PhD in stereoselective synthesis with Dr Stuart Warren in Cambridge and then moved to Geneva to work with Prof. Peter Kündig on the synthesis and applications of organochromium complexes. After returning to the UK for a second postdoc with Prof. Tim Donohoe, where he developed ‘ammonia-free’ Birch reductions, David joined GSK as a medicinal chemist. During his 20-year career at GSK, David has worked across the full breadth of the discovery organisation. In the Respiratory and Inflammation therapy areas, David led integrated project teams working from target identification through to clinical candidate selection. His areas of expertise include design of small molecule modulators of nuclear receptors, ion channels and kinases, and his current research interests focus on development of reactive chemical probes for biological target identification and validation. In 2015, David moved into an external facing role, working to establish the Crick-GSK ‘LinkLabs’: a pre-competitive research collaboration with the Francis Crick Institute which is focussed on developing new methodology in chemical biology and applying this to early-stage biomedical research. With the collaboration reaching a point of maturity, the joint team was able to successfully apply for an EPSRC Prosperity Partnership to co-fund a large 5-year research programme in Systems Chemical Biology which will run to 2026. Alongside the Crick-GSK collaboration, David heads up GSK’s Chemical Biology department in Stevenage. His department collaborates closely with others in discovery to accelerate early-stage target insights from genetics through assessment of small molecule target tractability, molecular pharmacology and mode of action. David is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, GSK Senior Fellow and adjunct Professor at Imperial College, department of Chemistry.


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