BSP Parasites Online 2021

Dr Rod Dillon

Dr Rod Dillon
Dr Rod Dillon
Lancaster University


Presentations at BSP Parasites Online 2021

Wed23  Jun01:00pm(75 mins)

Session: Interactions with Hosts and Vectors
Room: Conference room 1

Profile of Dr Rod Dillon

Leishmania - sand fly interactions; functional genomics of insect vectors of medically important diseases; sand fly genome sequencing project; digestive physiology of bloodsucking insects; insect microbiology; microbial symbiosis; microbial ecology; insects and emerging infectious disease; natural antimicrobial systems and insects.

Bio-art research. Bioscience research and art interface; development of the bioscience lab as artist studio. Perceptions of the scientist and artist collaboration. Public engagement using contemporary arts.


Miss Chloe Barnes
MSc student
Lancaster University
Dr Harsh Pawar
Lancaster University
Miss Amber Reed
PhD Statistics and Epidemiology
Lancaster University
Dr Michael Urbaniak
Lancaster University


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