BSP Parasites Online 2021

Dr Russell Morphew

Dr Russell Morphew
Dr Russell Morphew
Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry
Aberystwyth University


Presentations at BSP Parasites Online 2021

Mon21  Jun11:00am(75 mins)

Session: Cell and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry I
Room: Conference room 1

Profile of Dr Russell Morphew

Russ Morphew is a senior lecturer of Biochemistry at Aberystwyth University. He completed his PhD at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth in 2007, under the supervision of Prof. Peter Brophy looking at the host-parasite interface using proteomics. He spent a further 6 years as a PDRA at Aberystwyth including a position as the last PDRA of Prof. John Barrett’s distinguished career investigating protein-protein interactions in helminths. Since being appointed as a lecturer in 2013, his research has focused on the discovery and development of improved control options for helminth parasites including flukes, tapeworms and roundworms. Improved chemotherapeutic control is sort through increased understanding of parasite detoxification mechanisms involved in phase I, II and III detoxification pathways. In addition, immunotherapy research targets key immune modulators and the associated post translational modifications involved in target function. All control focused research areas are linked using high resolution proteomic and sub-proteomic approaches which allows the exploitation of the recent advancement in helminth genomics and transcriptomic resources.


Mr Christopher Bowler
MRes Parasite Control Student
Aberystwyth University
Mrs Justyna Nalepa-Grajcar
PhD Student
Aberystwyth University
Miss Holly Northcote
PhD Student
Aberystwyth University
Dr Justin Pachebat
BSP Honorary Treasurer
Aberystwyth University


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