Protein Sciences in Drug Discovery 2022

Dr Marcus Wilson

Dr Marcus Wilson
Dr Marcus Wilson
Sir Henry Dale Fellow
University of Edinburgh
Delegate / Speaker


Profile of Dr Marcus Wilson

Marcus Wilson is a Sir Henry Dale Fellow in the Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology at the Univeristy of Edinburgh. His research focuses on understanding how epigenetic marks are deposited, read and removed on chromatin. His group primarily use structural biology approaches such as single particle cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) and supplement this with biochemical and biophysical methods. After Masters studies at the University of Oxford, UK, Marcus moved to the Cancer Research UK, Clare Hall laboratories in London to study for his PhD with Dr. Jesper Svejstup. Marcus then moved to a postdoctoral position with Prof. Daniel Durocher in the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum research Institute in Toronto, Canada where he began working on cryo-EM; collaborating with Dr. John Rubinstein at the SickKids Research Institute in Toronto. Marcus then gained further cryo-EM experience during a two year postdoctoral position with Alessandro Costa at the Macromolecular Machines Laboratory at the Francis Crick Institute. Marcus joined the University of Edinburgh and the Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology in July 2018.


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