Drug Discovery 2022: driving the next life science revolution

Dr Celine Legros

Dr Celine Legros
Dr Celine Legros
Partnership Director
Eurofins Discovery

Presentations at Drug Discovery 2022: driving the next life science revolution

Profile of Dr Celine Legros

Prior to joining Eurofins, Celine held the position of Project Leader in the Screening Department at Institut de Recherches Servier, France, where she was responsible for designing and running screening cascades from Target to Hit/HTS through to Lead Optimization. In close collaboration with chemistry and biophysics teams, Celine led screening projects in neuroscience, cardiovascular & metabolic diseases, immune-inflammation and oncology; developing and running assays on GPCRs, transcription factors, PPi, kinases, Ser-hydrolases and Tyr-kinase receptors, combining scientific relevance with robotics, data quality and throughput. Celine received her Ph.D. in Animal Physiology (melatonin circanual rhythm and melatonin receptors), from the University of Tours, France, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship within the Blood Brain Barrier Group at King's College London, UK.


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