Drug Discovery 2022: driving the next life science revolution

Dr Mary Wheldon

Dr Mary Wheldon
Dr Mary Wheldon
Medicinal Chemist
Drug Discovery Unit, University of Dundee

Presentations at Drug Discovery 2022: driving the next life science revolution

Wed5  Oct11:00am(110 mins)

Session: Frontiers of chemistry applied to drug discovery
Room: Auditorium 4

Profile of Dr Mary Wheldon

Mary carried out her undergraduate MChem degree in Chemistry at the University of York. This included a final year masters project in industry at MRC Technology (now LifeArc) working on a treatment for Malaria. She then returned to the University of York to complete a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Peter O’Brien with a thesis entitled “The design and synthesis of 3-dimensional fragments to explore pharmaceutical space”. Mary then moved to University College London to complete a 2 year post-doc in the Translational Research Office’s Drug Discovery Group. The post-doc was part of the Innovative Therapeutics Postdoctoral Training Programme (ITPTP) run by the TRO to train the next generation of biotech and pharma medicinal chemistry and biosciences leaders. During the two years Mary carried out placements at GSK (Stevenage, UK), ELF (Newhouse, Scotland), and Monash University (Melbourne, Australia). Mary then moved to the position of Medicinal Chemist within the Drug Discovery Unit at the University of Dundee. She currently works in the Innovative Targets Portfolio.


Dr Beatriz Baragana
Portfolio Leader
Drug Discovery Unit, University of Dundee


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