Drug Discovery 2022: driving the next life science revolution

Dr Rebecca Hughes

Dr Rebecca Hughes
Dr Rebecca Hughes
University of Edinburgh
Delegate / Speaker


Presentations at Drug Discovery 2022: driving the next life science revolution

Profile of Dr Rebecca Hughes

Rebecca Hughes is a postdoctoral research fellow working at the intersection of machine learning and drug discovery at the University of Edinburgh. Rebecca is experienced in high-content image analysis and drug discovery, having worked in the HTS group at AstraZeneca before completing her Masters with Prof. Frank Gunn-Moore, University of St Andrews. She obtained her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Neil Carragher, University of Edinburgh, exploring high-content image analysis and machine learning to inform drug discovery and patient stratification in oesophageal cancer. Rebecca currently holds an MRC Transition Fellowship working with the UKRMP to explore the latest advances in single cell high content imaging and trajectory inference algorithms to identify new therapeutic targets and drug mechanisms that promote liver regeneration.


Dr Amina McDiarmid
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University of Edinburgh


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