Dr Adam Hall

Dr Adam Hall
Dr Adam Hall
Senior Scientist
Horizon Discovery


Profile of Dr Adam Hall

I am a scientist with extensive experience in the fields of cancer, cell and molecular biology. I have worked in both the industrial and academic sectors, and have successfully delivered custom research projects to ‘Big Pharma’ companies. I have published in a range of high-impact science journals and have a broad range of laboratory, interpersonal and multidisciplinary skills after 14+ years of scientific sector experience. I am passionate about using my acquired research skills for the improvement of human health.

I am currently a Senior Scientist at Horizon Discovery (Cambridge) where I specialize in delivering CRISPR-based Functional Genomic Screening (FGS) projects to pharmaceutical companies and other clients. I also work on internal R&D projects, the design and improvement of SOPs, as well as implementing operational excellence and managing a BSL2 laboratory.

During my second postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Edinburgh, I investigated the role of dysregulated RNA splicing in colorectal cancer. Here, I researched cancer stem cell transformation using mouse models and 3D organoid cell-systems. In this project I investigated cancer initiation and oncogenesis using state-of-the-art technologies such as CRISPR gene editing, inducible gene modification in vivo, as well as RNA deep sequencing.

My first postdoctoral position with the Medical Research Council focused on the DNA damage response in animal cells. I found that a microRNA (miR-486) and its host gene (ANK1), were upregulated by the p53 tumour suppressor protein. I discovered that miR-486 facilitated cell-cycle arrest whereas ANK1 facilitated cell migration and actin cytoskeleton remodelling following DNA double-strand break formation. In this project I used a range of techniques including FACS, microscopy, tissue culture, qPCR, Illumina deep sequencing, Western blotting, immunoprecipitation, and gene cloning.

My PhD (BBSRC funded) focused on small RNAs. Specifically, I worked on an elusive class of non-coding RNAs called Y RNAs (involved in DNA replication) and investigated their behaviour during cellular stress. This involved deep sequencing of small RNAs, Northern blotting and a range of other core molecular biology techniques. I also worked on microRNA-mediated gene silencing, looking at gene targets of microRNA-499 in the brain. Additionally, I contributed to a project which developed a novel way of reducing sequencing bias of microRNAs, and this work led to a UK patent filing.


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Horizon Discovery
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Horizon Discovery
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Horizon Discovery


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