Dr Stuart McElroy

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Dr Stuart McElroy
Director of Biosciences
BioAscent Discovery ltd.


Profile of Dr Stuart McElroy

Stuart is Director of Biosciences at BioAscent overseeing both stand-alone and integrated biochemical, biophysical and cellular assay development and screening activities. With over 15 years working in drug discovery Stuart has extensive experience of developing and trouble-shooting novel screening assays, designing screening cascades, compound screening, hit validation and supporting hit to lead and lead optimisation programs. Throughout the 5 years of the European Lead Factory project he held the position of Head of Biology at the European Screening Centre (ESC), leading a team of bioscientists in prosecuting and triaging the output of over 90 high throughput screens across all major target classes and disease indications. Prior to this Stuart helped establish the Dundee Drug Discovery Unit (DDU) where he spent 7 years as a project and then team leader working across a wide array of novel drug targets and assays.


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