Drug Discovery 2022: driving the next life science revolution

Programme : Presentations by Session

Programme : Presentations by Session

Overcoming Challenges and New Directions in Medicinal Chemistry

Auditorium 2
4-October-2022, at 11:05
Chairs: Dr Allan Jordan, Sarah Skerrat

Developments in Preclinical Models

Auditorium 1
5-October-2022, at 11:00
Chairs: Dr Lisa Mohamet, Dr Samantha Barichievy

Cell & Gene Therapy Sponsored by Miltenyi

Auditorium 3
4-October-2022, at 11:05
Chairs: Chris Herring, Claire Dobson

Advancements in Screening and Automation Sponsored by IDBS

Auditorium 3
5-October-2022, at 11:00
Chairs: Mario Richter, Kirsten Tschapalda

Drug Discovery and Development in COPD

Auditorium 4
4-October-2022, at 11:05
Chairs: Dr Anna Morgan, Dr Simon Pitchford

High Content Imaging in Drug Discovery

Auditorium 1
4-October-2022, at 11:05
Chairs: Ms Sian Lewis, Dr Michael Howell

Innovation through partnership - Sponsored by AstraZeneca Open Innovation

Auditorium 2
5-October-2022, at 11:00
Chairs: Dr Kathryn Chapman, David Powell

Frontiers of chemistry applied to drug discovery

Auditorium 4
5-October-2022, at 11:00
Chairs: Martin Swarbrick, Dr Mary Wheldon, Prof A Ganesan, Mrs Becky Garton

Conference Welcome and Keynote Introduction

Platinum Suite 1
4-October-2022, at 09:00
Chairs: Dr Simon Chell, Dr Jon Hutchinson, Prof Simon Ward, Dr Katie Chapman

Keynote Presentation

Networking Event - Poster Session 18.30 - 19.00

ELRIG - Early Career Professional Impact Award - Supported by Elemental Machines

ELRIG Annual Review

Auditorium 1
4-October-2022, at 09:00
Chairs: Mr Sanj Kumar, Dr Catherine Kettleborough

Early Career Professional (ECP) Meet & Greet

Are you new to ELRIG? Meet with other ECPs who will guide you through all the ECP activities taking place at Drug Discovery 2022 and become part of your network! Free to attend, coffe & pastries will be provided.

Early Career Professionals: Careers in drug discovery - Network like a Boss

Are you a post-doc, postgraduate, early career researcher or professional (ECP) scientist looking to start or build your career in drug discovery? If so, building and managing your network of contacts is critical to your success. We invite you join us at our ECP speed networking event at ELRIG Drug Discovery 2022.Free to attend and takes place during the Networking hour.

Panel discussion - Entrepreneurial Start Ups 101: Catalysing Innovation in Biomedical Science - chaired by Del Trezise

Auditorium 4
5-October-2022, at 12:50
Chairs: Ms Hanadi Jabado, Mr Tom Fleming, Dr Michael Salako, Dr Margaret Anne Craig

DDW - Taking your first steps towards liquid handling automation - Sponsored by SPT Labtech

ELRIG Tech Theatre - supported by DDW
4-October-2022, at 10:20
Chairs: Dr Anne Hammerstein, Product Manager, SPT Labtech

• Find out why liquid handling automation is no longer the reserve of high-throughput screening (HTS) alone.
• Discover how automation offers powerful benefits beyond mere increases in the rates of throughput, making automated solutions essential for labs of all shapes and sizes.
• Get an overview of the many application areas and standard liquid handling tasks that can and should now be automated.
• Understand the key considerations for evaluating and selecting a scalable liquid handling solution that's right for your lab's workflows, both now and in the future.
• Understand the critical importance of workflow integrity and automated liquid volume verification: why workflow integrity matters and how/when to check volumes in your process.

DDW - The lab of the future is now: Using AI or automation for the discovery process - Sponsored by Elemental Machines

Speaker - Nicola Richmond, VP of AI, BenevolentAI

In this talk, Nicola Richmond, VP of AI, will give an overview of BenevolentAI’s unique AI-augmented, hypothesis-driven drug discovery platform and how its application is capable of generating novel targets at scale.

DDW - Data handling and choosing the right informatics systems for your lab requirements - Sponsored by CDD

Speaker - Samantha Kanza, Senior Enterprise Fellow, University of Southampton

Making improvements to digitisation is a two-stage problem, we need to encourage people to digitise more, and we need better systems to manage the plethora of electronic data once it makes its way into digital form. This presentation will consider both of these aspects by discussing the current state of digitisation of scientific research, including how things have changed (or not) since COVID-19, the barriers (and suggested mitigations) to these barriers, and the digitisation requirements of the physical sciences community.

DDW - The sustainable lab. Building a global culture of sustainability in science

Speaker - Raj Patey, Business Development Director, My Green Lab

This talk will address the global growth of the green lab movement, My Green Lab’s vision for the industry and alignment with the UN race to zero campaign. It will cover My Green Lab’s Carbon Impact of the Biotech & Pharma study and how programs are being utilised by labs in sectors including academia, pharma, biotech and wider, to run labs in a more sustainable way and green their supply chains.

DDW - The automated lab and the human

Speaker - CBRE, Adam Prosho, Global ILS Training Director

During this session Prosho will be using his career to-date as an example of the varied roles the human plays in the Automated Lab. He will outline how these roles have changed over the years due to a combination of generational shifts across the workforce, advances in the field of lab automation and the explosion of data analytics and machine learning. He will also cover how employers, manufacturers and CBRE are adapting their offerings to meet this 21st century workplace.

DDW - The role of AI and automation in personalised medicine: How can AI help in the post drug discovery process.

Speaker - Dr Yahya Anvar, Head of Data Science, OKRA.ai
• How can automation and AI be used to expedite the drug discovery process?
• What benefits can these technologies create?
• What are the barriers for entry and might prevent better uptake?
What are the challenges of using this technology and how can they be surmounted?
• What role does technology have in the post drug discovery process?

DDW - The remote lab: Is this the future?

Speaker - Martin-Immanuel Bittner, CEO & Co-Founder Arctoris

Is the lab of the future remote? What benefits will this create for drug discovery and development researchers? What savings can it create? Will virtual working become the new norm or is a likely scenario a physical and virtual hybrid? How are technology suppliers addressing the virtual lab and what can they offer the research sector that improves current working practices?

DDW - Accelerating Drug Discovery: Getting to the right molecule smarter & faster with automation- Sponsored by Bio Rad

Speaker -Zoe Hughes-Thomas, Associate Director, Head Medicine Design Automation, GlaxoSmithKline

This presentation discusses the need for identification of exquisite specificities in therapeutic antibody discovery. It demonstrates GSK’s use of automation to keep the discovery funnel wider for longer. This includes the ability to express and purify panels of antibodies in a high-throughput, automated manner, enabling parallel screening for biological function and developability, accelerating the drug discovery process. I will describe how we have created data-rich environments to enable the selection of high-quality leads, accelerate cycle times to candidate and reduce the time on manual tasks freeing up FTEs to focus on science.

Cytek Bio Workshop - Full Spectrum Profiling (FSP)™, adaptable solutions to deep immunophenotyping using the Cytek Aurora: a practical walkthrough

“Full Spectral profiling (FSP)™ is often associated with complicated workflows that can be challenging to implement in some research labs. Workflows for the development, optimization of complex immunophenotyping panels for tissue and disease characterization can be time consuming and expensive but are essential to the production of robust data. Here we demonstrate Cytek’s® streamlined solutions with FSP™ to accelerate the movement to high dimensional characterization of immune subsets through simple preoptimized workflows and reagents. This workshop will showcase a live demonstration of Cytek’s® comprehensive solutions to facilitate research using our intuitive SpectroFlo® software on a 3 laser Aurora with preoptimized Cytek Assay Settings™ to acquire our Cytek 14-colour Immunophenotyping Kit. This kit is part of a range of pre-titrated and optimized immunostaining kits with readily downloadable pre-set experimental templates offered by Cytek® as a plug and play solution. We will demonstrate the ease of experimental setup, and the high-quality resolution of immune subsets using Cytek’s® offering of expert panel design and cFluor reagents in a single “off the shelf” assay allowing faster access to biological insights.”

BioStrata - How life science marketers can leverage automation to achieve more with less

ELRIG Tech Theatre - sponsored by DDW
4-October-2022, at 14:15
Chairs: Dr Paul Avery
Marketing automation tools enable life science marketing teams to generate better results with less effort. If used correctly, they can help you optimise your marketing operations and maximise your team’s efficiency, freeing up time to focus on higher-value, more stimulating work.
In this workshop, we’ll help you uncover whether marketing automation could add value to your organisation, while also providing practical tips for successfully implementing a new automation system.

Langton Howarth- Understanding the needs of talent acquisition departments to start a career in a life-science corporations: Ask an Expert!’

Auditorium 4
4-October-2022, at 10:20
Chairs: Mrs Sue Ward, Mr Chris Luche

Singular Talent - Growing your company through great story telling

Auditorium 4
4-October-2022, at 15:15
Chairs: Mr Tom Froggatt

Exhibitor 360 Forum - Exhibitor Tickets only

Poster Prize Awards

ELRIG’s Celebration of Drug Discovery, sponsored by Synthego, at The Fox, ExCel

Science Solutions Recruitment - Futureproof your career in Drug Discovery - Panel Discussion

Auditorium 4
5-October-2022, at 10:20
Chairs: Dr Paul Mears, Dr Andrew Ratcliffe

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