ELRIG -- SLAS  Drug Discovery Hot Topic Workshop: Targeted Protein Degradation: From Discovery to Development


In the last 20 years, targeted protein degradation (TPD) has evolved from a basic scientific observation, involved in the control of hormone signaling in plants and also virus survival; to a point where compounds directing TPD are in the clinic for a number of disease indications.

On June the 7th, the new science hub, Pavillon, on the Novartis Basel Campus will open its’ doors to host a mini-symposium on the subject of TPD. Located in Basel, one of the pharmaceutical capitals of Europe, this event aims to present a series of vignettes describing efforts from discovery to the development of novel compounds directing TPD. Join us live, or virtually, for this meeting, jointly sponsored by ELRIG and SLAS, to have the opportunity to hear a series of talks describing the efforts TPD field; as well as an opportunity to network in the informal environment in the Pavillon.

Venue: Novartis
Location: Switzerland
Country: Switzerland

Organiser Contact Details:

T: 07484 113971