Protein Sciences in Drug Discovery 2022


The 2022 Protein Science in Drug Discovery ELRIG meeting will be held in Cambridge UK. The meeting will host leading scientists from industry and academia and will aim to focus on the application of emerging areas of Protein Science to the challenges of modern drug discovery. The interactive 2-day event will include 4 sessions. The sequential sessions will cover high throughput methods for protein expression, approaches for prosecuting challenging target space and analytical techniques to interrogate protein quality. In addition, AI tools for the development of methods to predict protein production will be discussed. Join scientists from academia, pharma, biotech and CRO ́s to hear cutting-edge science, network and visit the vendor booths

Venue: Babraham Research Campus
Location: The Cambridge Building, Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge
Country: United Kingdom

Organiser Contact Details:

T: 0044 1904 405177


Babraham Research Campus
The Cambridge Building, Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge Hotels nearby