Protein Sciences in Drug Discovery 2022


Dr Angita Shrestha
1‘SNARE Proteins’-Maximizing Protein Expression in Mammalian Cells.
Dr Susanna Lovell
FOx Biosystems
2Using Fibre Optics based SPR to select for nanobodies in phage display
Dr Bradley Peter
3No membrane? No problem: Engineering the ASGPR receptor for soluble assay development
Dr William Lee
4A novel screening platform to monitor GPCR-G proteins complex formation
Dr Emil G P Stender
Fida Biosystems
5Rapid Characterization of Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation with FIDA
Dr Sergio Martinez Cuesta
6Using Machine Learning to Predict Recombinant Protein Expression
Mr Matthew Singer
Francis Crick Institute
7The drug-induced interface that drives HIV-1 integrase hypermultimerization and loss of function
Dr James Reid
Domainex Ltd
8Detergent-free purification of membrane proteins using polymer lipid particle (PoLiPa) technology for use in Cryo-EM
Dr Marc Botcherby
9Antibody Validation and Antigen Discovery by combining Protein and Peptide Microarrays
Mrs Joanne Walter
Fida Biosystems ApS
10Characterisation of Molecular Glues: An automated, in-solution platform
Mrs Joanne Walter
Fida Biosystems ApS
11A New Poster Abstract
Dr Claire Fowler
Leaf Expression Systems
12Sowing the seeds of a new industry: Protein production in plants
Dr Kerstin Böhm
13CaMKII protein supply for distinct conformations - Enabling early hit evaluation and rational drug design
Dr Paul White
14Production of a Nanobody®-based affinity resin for the purification of GFP-tagged proteins
Mr Jordi Chi
15FRAGLER: a fragment recycler application enabling rapid and scalable modular DNA assembly
Dr Pilar Lloris Garcera
Salipro Biotech
16Discovery of novel therapeutics against GPCRs, ion channels and transporters using the Salipro® technology
Dr Smruti Rashmi
University of Manchester
17‘AbBind’: A Novel Virus-like Particle Platform For Vaccine Antigen Delivery