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Programme : Presentations by Session

Alzheimer’s Research UK

Hall 1C
19-October-2021, at 10:50
Chairs: Dr David Reynolds, John Isaac

Conference Close and Awards

Conference Welcome and Plenary Keynote Introduction

Diagnostic Testing and Biomarkers - The New Normal?

Room 3B
19-October-2021, at 10:50
Chairs: Nikki Carter, Emily Adams

Disruptive technologies

Hall 1B
20-October-2021, at 11:00
Chairs: Carolina Wählby, Dr Mark Roberts

Early Career Professional Impact Award - Sponsored by Select Science

ELRIG - Opening Session

ELRIG Annual Review - Visions & Values

Room 3A
19-October-2021, at 08:45
Chairs: Melanie Leveridge

Innovations in Chemistry to Discover New Medicines: Approaches to Drugging RNA

Hall 1B
19-October-2021, at 10:50
Chairs: Oliver Rausch, Wesley Blackaby

Innovative Strategies Supporting Drug Discovery

Room 3B
20-October-2021, at 11:00
Chairs: Dr Kenny Simmen, Dr Laura Dickens

New Approaches in Infection Biology

Room 3A
19-October-2021, at 10:50
Chairs: Dr David Pallin, Prof Adrian Goldman

Platinum Sponsorship Presentation

Plenary Keynote Presentation

Room 3A
19-October-2021, at 09:00
Chairs: Dr Simon Chell, Dr Chun-wa Chung, Dr Ian Waddell, Prof Simon Ward

Screening Innovation to Enhance Drug Discovery

Room 3A
20-October-2021, at 11:00
Chairs: Dr Ian Storer, Jeff Jerman

Technology Spotlights

The British Pharmacological Society - Opportunities and Challenges of Drugging the Undruggable

The ELRIG Lifetime Achievement Award


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