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Dr Leonie Alten

Dr Petter Bjorquist

Joint Q&A Session
Wed19  May03:15pm(20 mins)
Dr Petter Bjorquist Dr Petter Bjorquist  

Dr Leo Chan

Anna Collén

Anna Collén

Dr Alex Davenport

Prof Michele De Luca

Dr Alessandra De Riva

Prof Hermann Einsele

Stephen Hague

Dr Ryan Hicks

Johan Hyllner

Prof Katarina Leblanc

Prof Katarina Leblanc

Prof Anders Lindahl

Prof Anders Lindahl

Prof Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren

Dr Stephen Lock

Philippé Menasché

Prof Stephan Mielke

Prof Stephan Mielke

Deborah Moore-Lai

Dr Ann Na Tan

Lauri Paasonen

Prof Malin Parmar

Prof Lorenzo Piemonti

Prof Lorenzo Piemonti

Dr Suzanne Riches

Dr Maria Savino

Chao Sheng

Dr Elly Sinkala

Per-Erik Strömstedt

Rosario Tizzone

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The European Laboratory Research & Innovation Group Our Vision : To provide outstanding, leading edge knowledge to the life sciences community on an open access basis
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