Wednesday, 30 November 2022 to Thursday, 1 December 2022


The life science industry is increasingly making use of robotics to automate specific processes, which when used in combination with artificial intelligence and machine learning is having an immense and profound impact on the speed and success of the drug discovery process.

This meeting jointly organised by SLAS and ELRIG, will focus on the application and interaction of robotics and automation in the traditional biological and chemical spaces, as well as the physical challenges of how to automate beyond the microtiter plate to shift the testing paradigm. We will also highlight how recent innovations and the application of artificial intelligence are also changing how robots interact with humans and their environment.

This two-day conference will provide an exclusive opportunity to network and be involved in inspiring and interesting discussions with opinion leaders in instrumentation, informatics, lab automation, strategy developers and industrial automation experts together with a strong and aligned vendor community. As with all ELRIG conferences, the meeting is free-to-attend, and spaces are limited, so early registration is essential.

Venue: Festo
Location: Ruiter Straße 82 73734 Esslingen, Berkheim, Stuttgart
Country: Germany

Organiser Contact Details:

T: 0044 1904 405177