Tuesday, 29 March 2022 to Wednesday, 30 March 2022


The 2022 ELRIG Research & Innovation conference will discuss how cutting edge science continues to be identified and explore how emerging technologies will enable this science to be translated into successful therapeutics. The four sessions will address different aspects of innovation across
drug discovery and place an emphasis on both the digital age and novel modalities.

1. ‘Omics technology innovations
Exciting advances in omics has transformed drug discovery. This session will focus on technologies that generate smart, dynamic and unbiased data.
Chairs: Alex Gutteridge (Enedra Tx) & Ben Sidders (AZ)

2. The future of therapeutic genome engineering
Over the last few years, the exuberant development of genome editing technologies has revolutionised drug discovery and targeted therapy of human diseases. This session will focus on most recent advances innovations in therapeutic genome engineering.
Chairs: Alastair Russell (CRUK) & TBD

3. Drug discovery in the digital age
Networks of cross-discipline researchers are becoming increasingly armed with powerful virtual technologies at different stages of drug discovery and innovative tools for collaboration, this session will discuss the new innovations that will continue to drive drug discovery in the digital age.
Chairs: David Pardoe (LifeArc) & Stephen Hilton (UCL)

4. RNA therapeutics & RNA targets at the forefront
Recent success with RNA-based vaccines has propelled RNA technologies to the forefront of drug discovery research. This session will focus on innovations in the field to highlight both the next wave of therapeutic RNA-based technologies alongside progress in modulating RNA targets to treat disease.
Chairs: David Blakey (MiNa Tx) & TBD

Venue: The Kings Centre,
Location: Ozbey Mead, Oxford
Country: United Kingdom

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T: 0044 1904 405177


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