Tuesday, 9 November 2021 to Wednesday, 10 November 2021


ELRIG’s Discovery Technologies 2021: Early Drug Discovery Strategies

With the rapid advancement of new technologies the potential for developing life changing therapeutic interventions has never been so promising. With these possibilities new challenges arise, not least how to prosecute drug discovery campaigns against new and novel targets and those previously deemed intractable. This conference will explore evolving early drug discovery technologies to overcome these obstacles by focusing on three core themes:

Emerging Screening Strategies: will delve into a broad range of topics showcasing the innovative approaches being applied across early drug discovery endeavours. Areas for discussion will include CRISPR for target identification, the integration of AI, emerging screening paradigms and new therapeutic modalities amongst many others.

Mass Spectrometry & Biophysical Approaches in Early Drug Discovery: the application of direct detection MS techniques and biophysical approaches early in discovery is providing projects with rapid access to more reliable chemical equity faster. This session explores the implementation of these tools in a variety of applications including ASMS, covalent compound screening and cell-based MS.

Hit Triage: the success of Hit and Lead Discovery is defined by the quality of the equity they can identify whilst the pitfalls to waylay unsuspecting project teams are numerous. Many undesirable mechanisms exist to bloat hit outputs and obscure the starting points projects really need to focus on. This session will examine what the issues are and the strategies being adopted to deal with them.

This year’s Discovery Technologies is planned to take place face-to-face at Alderley Park Conference Centre. In addition to learning about the latest and most cutting-edge, science on early drug discovery strategies, there will be ample networking opportunities as well as an exhibition show-casing the technologies and their applications.

Venue: Alderley Park Conference
Location: Alderley Park
Country: United Kingdom

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T: 0044 1904 405177


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