Wednesday, 30 November 2022 to Thursday, 1 December 2022

Cutting edge technologies in a process driven environment – How modularity and connectivity drives innovation

Thu1  Dec02:55pm(30 mins)
Mr Andreas Traube


Machine Learning, Robotics, Inline process montoring, Miniaturization, Cell handling - Many cutting-edge technologies do not arrive in laboratory automation, or arrive with a delay, even though benefits and new opportunities would arise from them. One important reason for this is the often difficult embedding of new technologies in existing process automation solutions. Cutting edge technologies in a process driven environment - How modularitiy and connectivity drives innovation.The presentation will show how various process modules in a laboratory can be addressed and integrated in terms of automation via a mobile laboratory robot. It will also be shown how smart sensors, modeling and data networking can be used to create completely digital processes that are much easier to control. A digital platform is presented that allows independent data and information networking and can thus lead to an accelerator of innovations in the laboratory.

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