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Expanding Live-cell Imaging Capability at Charnwood Molecular – Investigating 3D Tumour Spheroids and Immune Cell Models with the IncuCyte SX5


J Chamberlain1; K Dodgson1; G Allenby1
1 Charnwood Molecular, UK


At Charnwood Molecular we use the IncuCyte SX5 for all our real-time live-cell imaging needs. This instrument unlocks the ability to investigate cell behaviour in a kinetic manner for extended time periods, from simple confluency monitoring to experiments including multiple cell dyes and labels. This capability is essential when developing novel compounds screened in in vitro culture to fully understand how cells react and add value to client projects. Some of our recent projects at Charnwood Molecular have required the use of advanced live-cell imaging techniques to support the drug discovery process alongside orthogonal assays, these include: monitoring spheroid formation and health; primary T-cell mediated killing of 2D and 3D cancer cultures; phagocytosis of E. coil labelled bioparticles by monocytes; disentangling cytotoxic and cytostatic compound effects by multiplexing cell health dyes.

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