Cell & Gene Therapy 2021

16-Color Immunophenotyping of Major Lymphocyte and Myeloid Subsets in Human PBMCs and Whole Blood Using the Amnis® CellStream® Flow Cytometer


O Hughes1
1 Luminex,



A 16-color immunophenotyping panel was developed using the

CellStream® Flow Cytometer to simultaneously quantify major

lymphoid and myeloid populations, including monocytes, basophils,

myeloid and plasmacytoid dendritic cells, natural killer (NK) cells, B

cells, cytotoxic-T and T-helper cells within human PBMCs and whole

blood. T cells were further characterized into well-defined subsets,

including naïve, effector, effector memory, central memory, activated,

and regulatory T cells. The CellStream System enabled highparameter

flow cytometric analysis with exceptional population

resolution using the Amnis-patented Time-delayed Integration (TDI)

charge-coupled device (CCD) detection system.

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