Developments in Cytometry Technology to Enhance Pre-Clinical Workflows: StarBright Dyes and the ZE5 Cell Analyzer

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Dr Richard Cuthbert


Improvements in cytometer technology, as well as the increased access to suitable dyes with desirable characteristics, have been critical factors in improving the utility of flow cytometry as a drug discovery platform. Sensitivity, accuracy, and reproducibility underpin any research program and the ability to deliver these at speed is important. The ZE5 Cell Analyzer delivers high parameter, high resolution, and highly reproducible data at a rate unsurpassed by any other flow cytometer or screening flow cytometer. This means it has the ability to run high parameter, complex, cell-based flow cytometry experiments at speeds greater than lower parameter screening instruments. It is automation ready and easily integrates into new or existing robotic workcells, further improving research workflows. StarBright Dyes are the next step in flow cytometry dye evolution, approximately ten-fold brighter in comparison to traditional dyes such as PerCP Cy5.5 or Pacific Blue. They have tighter emission profiles compared to other commercially available dyes leading to significantly less spectral overlap and improved data resolution. They can be fixed, pre-mixed, and stored for later use without a reduction in performance, all without the need for a special buffer, thus improving experimental workflows. Additionally, they have minimal lot-to-lot variability and represent a significant improvement on traditional tandem dyes in terms of reproducibility. Starbright Dyes and the ZE5 Cell Analyzer deliver improved sensitivity, accuracy, and reproducibility for drug discovery research.

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