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Autologous organoids and T cell co-cultures as a powerful personalized platform for immunotherapy development


F Pourfarzad1; S Mardpour1; L Jahn1; S Boj1; P Hombrink1
1 HUB Organoids, Netherlands


Immunotherapy is a fast developing and effective treatment strategy to combat cancer. New immuno-oncology (IO) modulators such as checkpoint inhibitors, and bispecific antibodies are increasingly populating the drug development pipelines, however, preclinical platforms that reliably model the tumor and immune cell interaction are still lacking. HUB Organoid Technology allows the development and in vitro expansion of Patient-Derived Organoids (PDO) from normal and tumor patient tissues as three-dimensional primary cell cultures which retain the histological and mutational features of the original tumor tissue. Here we describe the development of “living” biobanks of patient-derived tumor and normal organoids matched with autologous immune cells from different epithelial organs, including but not limited to, the gastrointestinal tract and lungs. Additionally, we show the establishment of a co-culture platform based on colorectal cancer (CRC) PDO and their paired immune cells such as tumor infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL). 

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